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Get Your Garden Ready For A Hot Summer

By Rebecca Rowe

With a hot summer ahead and water restrictions in place, now is the time to prepare and get into some good garden habits to ensure it thrives during the hotter months.

Think before planting

Consider plants that do well in heat and require less water to grow; think succulents, tomatoes, corn, rosemary, lavender and thyme.

Save water

Summer doesn’t always call for a lot of rain, but make the most of what does fall. Collect in rainwater tanks, set up water diversion, plant rain gardens and use greywater on your garden between storms.

Tidy up

Clear out your gutters and make sure there are no leaks in your hose pipes so that you’re saving the most water possible for use in your garden

Add the extras

Putting down a top layer of mulch and grass clippings will trap moisture into the soil and minimise evaporation.

Be the early bird

Watering your garden early in the morning minimises moisture loss and reduces the risk of mildew and rot that can develop when plants are watered at night.

A bit of DIY

Install drip irrigation systems to help reduce water wastage and direct water straight to the roots of your plants where it is needed most. These can also be set up on a timer to make sure your plants aren’t overwatered and your hose only operates within times specified by water restrictions.

Sometimes a little more can do a lot more

Try adding soluble fertiliser and nutrients to the mix when you do water your plants. This can help them survive and thrive in times where watering is less frequent.

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