5 Ideas For On-Trend Kitchen Renovations

By Rebecca Rowe

Whether you’re about to sell or you’re staying for the long haul, now could be the perfect time to update the heart of your home. To get you started, we’ve put together our five favourite on trend kitchen renovation ideas for 2018.

Minimalism is a thing of the past and in the near future kitchens will be all about colour.


Minimalism is a thing of the past, and in the near future kitchens will be all about colour.

There’s 101 ways to add brighter shades to your kitchen, but tiles on splashbacks, major appliances or your taps and other fittings are an easy place to start.

Brightly coloured red or yellow retro fridges are great for adding personality to slightly dated kitchens. Coloured tiles on your splash back, on the other hand, can completely transform your entire space from drab to fab. Finally, treated metallic fittings (think brass or copper) are the perfect for adding a touch of class to your bench top.


Appliances that integrate seamlessly into your kitchen instead of taking up space on your bench top are coming down in price and increasing in popularity. They’re perfect for removing clutter, while increasing usability.

If you’re not keen on replacing your appliances, you can still get this look. A cabinet maker can hide your fridge and dishwasher easily by fitting doors to them that match the rest of your cabinetry. A tambour unit with rolling shutter door is another smart idea for hiding appliances away when not using them.

If you’ve got enough money we love the idea of an integrated espresso machine. These can be installed right into the wall next to your oven, controlled with a smart phone app, and programmed to automatically brew you a strong cup of coffee when your alarm goes off.

If you’ve got enough money in the budget, we love the idea of an integrated espresso machine.


One area where minimalism is still on trend is the benchtop. For years, 40 to 60 mm thickness has been the standard, often in lighter colours and usually with a marble or granite finish. The newest trends lean towards thinner, darker bench tops, with some as narrow as 12 mm.

Finishes like matte black, washed concrete or dark wood suit this thinner benchtop, creating a sleek and understated look.

What’s more, the splashes of colour on your splashback or appliances will look particularly striking contrasted against the dark colour of your benchtop.


Wood isn’t a finish that most associate with the kitchen, but in 2018 timber laminate will find its way into stylish kitchens everywhere. This faux wood application is cheap if you’re completely redoing your kitchen, and can even be added on top of existing finishes if you’re only making small changes.

Given its affordability, adding timber laminate could be a great way to refit your kitchen on a budget.

Done well, it adds a welcome splash of organic colour to any kitchen, and goes particularly well with clean whites and rustic metallic finishes like brass or copper. The timber look will add a rustic aesthetic to your kitchen, creating a more homely feel.

This technology is coming along fast, and timber laminate is finally at the stage where it’s near impossible to distinguish it from real wood. Plus, given its affordability, adding timber laminate could be a great way to refit your kitchen on a budget.


During winter your kitchen is a place you go for comfort – we’re talking piping hot teas, warming soups and hearty stews. In 2018, we’re seeing a rise in cosy, nostalgic kitchen designs that reflect that fact. This is known as the modern farmhouse look, mixing natural materials like timber, stone and brass, with modern design sensibilities (such as those described above).

This creates a look that feels nostalgic and comfortable without appearing stale or dated. Whatever you decide to do with your kitchen’s decor, keep in mind what future purchasers of your home may think about the changes.

Even if you’re happy at home, you’re likely to move at some point and the changes you make now could eventually affect your home’s sale value. Add a little of your own personality, along with nods to tasteful and forward thinking design trends for the best results.

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